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Paediatric department has well equipped NICU & PICU with round the clock Paediatrician available for 24hrs NICU. Horizon Prime Hospital is well equipped with all types of neonatal and Paediatric emergencies. Our care continues beyond delivering the bundle of joy.

Horizon Prime Hospitals’ Paediatric and Neonatology care is one of the best in the city, delivered by a team of experts across paediatric neonatology, Paediatric cardiology, paediatric rheumatology, paediatric gastroenterology, paediatric orthopaedics and developmental Paediatrics Ghodbunder, Mumbai

The Pediatric Neurosurgery Department at Horizon Prime Hospital is highly specialised and is capable of providing comprehensive treatment and care to children of all ages. Horizon Prime Hospital is the only hospital in Thane to have onboard Paediatric Neurosurgeons with the requisite expertise and the state-of-the-art medical equipment required to provide Pediatric Neurosurgery services. We diagnose and treat children with diseases of the brain and spinal cord. We offer integrated, comprehensive treatment for all types of disorders affecting the nervous system and skull including Traumatic Injury, Epilepsy, Hydrocephalus, Spina Bifida Surgery, Spina Bifida Treatment, Brain Tumors and Facial and Skull Deformities.

Horizon Prime Hospital has modern facilities that are designed to accommodate the specific needs of children. The doctors are assisted by a team of highly trained nurses and medical professionals. Advanced medical equipment such as CT and MRI scanners, and paediatric intensive care units aid in providing children with the best care possible.

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