Admission/Discharge Procedure

The admission and discharge procedures at Horizon are formulated in a disciplined manner assuring patients minimum hustle during a critical period and systematic, well – defined procedures.
Admission of the patient into the hospital goes as the 12 to 12 clock. If a couple of hours are added to this time scale, it is counted as a new day and thus, accordingly the charges of the next (full) day are included. You’ve got to fill a declaration form for the same.
The discharge procedures require you to fill in the discharge form and fulfil all the formalities. It takes up to 6 to 8 hours to get a discharge. You get a discharge only when the doctor approves of it and that happens only when the test results indicate an upscale progress in your health. The discharge form is to be filled within those 8 hours.

Horizon Hospital assures you a speedy service and a convenient facility exactly at the time you need it.