At Horizon Prime Hospital we have a full-time Rheumatology coverage with two Rheumatologists and we are at the forefront of providing targeted “Immunotherapy” for Rheumatological diseases such as “Rheumatoid Arthritis”, “SLE” as well as other autoimmune conditions that can tremendously impact a patient’s life and even survival.

The Department provides people with Autoimmune / Connective tissue conditions, generally recognized as joint pains or musculoskeletal conditions, with a wide variety of rheumatology facilities and exceptional treatment. We provide the best outpatient department, in-hospital workup, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, intra-articular treatments, and the best medical procedures, including in-house CT-Scan, bone densitometry, etc. The department also comprises of a well-equipped physiotherapy section. By using a comprehensive set of tests that can rapidly and reliably determine the root cause of the condition and therefore ensure effective recovery options, the team is very efficient and effective in concentrating on full patient care.

Skeleton explanation of Rheumatology

Treatments Available :

1. Rheumatoid arthritis
2. Osteoarthritis
3. Chronic back pains
4. Gout
5. Lupus
6. Sjogren’s syndrome
7. Scleroderma
8. Juvenile Idiopathic arthritis
9. Polymyalgia rheumatic
10. Tendinitis
11. Inflammation- redness, Swelling and warmth in a joint or affected area
12. Loss of motion in a joint or joints and multiple other musculo-skeletal diseases

Our Rheumatologist