The Endocrinology Department is eligible to combine medical expertise and clinical diagnosis with the treatment of diabetes and other endocrine-related disorders. For the treatment of thyroid diseases, autism, pituitary and physical growth conditions, adrenal diseases, and male and female hormone conditions, the team of highly trained doctors at Fortis offers consultative, diagnostic and medicinal services.

At Horizon Prime, we have a panel of endocrinologists who provides consulting and care for multiple endocrinological conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, etc. Obesity is one such popular Endocrinological Disease problem. Our expert, Dr. Apoorva Hazirnis, takes a skilled approach to the operation and the utmost consideration of the client at Horizon Prime Hospital. We not just rely on rehabilitation, but also on patient education on topics such as weight control, difficulties of puberty in women and men, osteoporosis, and hormone replacement therapies. At an early point, the Department provides specialist consultation, advice, and diagnosis of the different issues and handles them with considerable competence and expertise.


Range of treatments for endocrine and metabolic diseases :
1. Under Or Overproduction Of The Hormones
2. Menopause
3. Lipid Disorders
4. Hypertension
5. Short Stature (Lack Of Growth)
6. Bone Diseases
7. Endocrine Cancers.

Our Endocrinologist