Physiotherapy is a method of treatment with a primary focus on movement. The goal is to improve an individuals mobility and function for daily activities at any age or stage of life.

We specialized in movement dysfunction and retraining. At horizon movement therapy clinic we apply movement science to examine, evaluate and treat acute or chronic movement dysfunction.

Our goal is not just to treat the symptoms, our goal is to detect the true cause of injury and pain and other potential factors that directly affect healing.

We provide expert hands-on- treatments, education and exercises to enable the client to achieve their goals and maximize their physical potential.

Movement therapy is indicated anyone seeking to improve their quality of movement. Most time we are unaware of movement inefficiency until movement becomes symptomatic.

At horizon movement therapy clinic we will teach you how to move safety and efficiently. Movement therapy works as a medicine to help you let go of physical tension and to develop self awareness. To help you move better, feel better and do more.

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Services we offer

Movement therapy
Therapeutic exercises and movement retraining are at the heart of our rehabilitation programs.
Cardio -respiratory rehabilitation
Orthopedic injury treatments
Neuro-muscular rehabilitation
Surgical rehabilitation
The back skilled training program for low back pain
Balance and vestibular rehabilitation
Loaded movement training.
PT’S treat movement dysfunction in individual diagnosed with
Neck pain
Shoulder & elbow pain
Low back and mid back pain
Hip pain
Knee pain
Ankle and foot pain

Our Physiotherapist

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