Vascular-Endovascular surgery

Introduction to the vascular and endovascular surgery department

Teamwork is key to the success of complex vascular surgery.

People with complex and serious conditions of the arteries, Veins and lymph system (vascular diseases) often find the help they need from vascular and endovascular surgeons at Horizon hospitals. The Vascular clinic’s experts provide coordinated and comprehensive treatment to people of all ages.

Our surgeons use advanced technology to diagnose and perform vascular and endovascular surgery, including intravascular ultrasound, carbon dioxide angiography and complex procedure such as stenting procedures, blood clot removal and bypass surgery. Conditions treated include gangrene of the hand and legs, aortic disease, mesenteric disease, Renal artery disease, carotid artery disease, Aneurysm and advanced procedures for dialysis access.

When you come to Horizon hospital, you are cared for, by the best vascular and endovascular specialists, with committed surgeon to providing advanced preventive, medical and surgical care at the Vascular clinic’s campus of horizon hospital.

Collaborative care focused on you!

Vascular clinic surgeons work closely with specialists in vascular medicine, heart conditions (cardiovascular medicine), nervous system conditions (neurology), physical medicine and rehabilitation, nephrologists, diabetologists, Plastic surgeons and imaging (radiology). This tradition of working together is why you get the right solution the first time at Vascular Clinic at Horizon hospital. Our care team develops a treatment plan tailored to your needs. And your evaluation can typically be done in a matter of days.

Advanced diagnosis and treatment

The surgeons discuss with you all suitable treatment options, which may include lifestyle modification with the best medical treatment, surgery and minimally invasive techniques. Together, you’ll select the approach that’s best for your situation. For many people, that might mean minimally invasive procedures developed at Horizon hospital that produce excellent outcomes and rapid recovery. For example, someone with carotid artery disease may be offered a traditional (open) carotid endarterectomy or an advanced approach called trans carotid artery revascularization (TCAR).

Technology & Infrastructure

The Vascular and endovascular Surgery Department at Horizon Hospital has invested in the best facilities and infrastructure with fully integrated Operating Rooms.

A Hybrid operating room with the latest technology is available to perform minimal access vascular surgery as well as hybrid complex aortic surgery. We are equipped with the latest LASER, Radio Frequency Ablation and Venaseal System for varicose vein repair and pharmacochemical aspiration device for clots removal in Deep vein thrombosis.

Our Specialist

Vascular Surgery