Nephrology is a very important branch of medicine, as in India there is an epidemic of Kidney diseases which causes a huge burden on the patients as well as the whole Nation. At Horizon Prime Hospital we believe in prevention of Kidney diseases with various intervention on time to prevent further difficult conditions such as “Breating Failure”, “Acute and Chronic “ can inhibited.

At Horizon Prime Hospital we have a group of dedicated specialists who are experts as well as  internationally trained and qualified for treating Kidney disorders. We have exceptional machines to deal with “Acute as well as Chronic” Kidney Failure, substantially for “Acute failure” we have “CRRT” which helps to treat patients who have Acute Kidney Failure in the mist gentle manner to prevent further dropping of blood pressure. “CRRT” can also be used as an “SEO” like “Acute Kidney Failure”.


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ICU dialysis (Acute Renal Replacement Therapy)

Dialysis catheter insertion under USG

Tunnel catheter insertion for long term access

Fistula formation

AV graft

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