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At Horizon Prime Hospital we have an excellent medical “Oncology” unit that is staffed by expert doctors who are nationally and internationally trained in the most advanced institutes who have came back here to serve their community. Here various therapies including “Conventional Chemotherapy” as well as targeted “Chemotherapy” are given on a regular basis , our nurses are excellent at delivering”Chemotherapy” treatments to the patients which are of very crucial importance . We at Horizon have a “Holistic” approach towards our Cancer patients that includes the psychological wellbeing as well as the physical wellbeing including a special focus on the dietary optimization and the nutritional support that is needed for the cancer patients to recover , this together can definitely improve the outcomes of cancers and help many patients to overcome and defeat Cancer .

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

The three components which have improved survival in cancer are:

Prevention – by reduction of risk factors like tobacco and alcohol consumption
Early diagnosis – screening of common cancers and comprehensive diagnosis and staging
Treatment – multi modality management by discussion in tumor board and treatment in a comprehensive cancer centre

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Breast cancer
Lump in breast and axilla associated with or without ulceration or bloody nipple discharge.

Endometrial cancer
Bleeding per vagina.

Cervix cancer
Bleeding after sexual intercourse.

Lung cancer
Persistent cough, breathlessness, blood in the sputum, hoarseness of voice.

Head and neck cancer
Non-healing ulcer or growth, lump in the neck.

Brain cancer
Persistent headache, vomiting, loss of consciousness, double vision.

Thyroid cancer
Lump in the neck.

Oesophagus cancer
Painful swallowing predominantly with solid food, weight loss.

Stomach cancer
Vomiting, dyspepsia, weight loss.

Colon & rectal cancer
Bleeding per rectum, alteration of bowel habits.

Liver cancer
Jaundice, pain and mass in right upper abdomen.

Skin cancer
Non-healing ulcer or growth, mole with sudden increase in size or irregular border, induration, or pain.

Kidney cancer
Blood in urine, abdominal lump.

Bladder cancer
Blood in urine.

Prostate cancer
Urgency, hesitancy and frequency while passing urine, bony pain.

Testis cancer
Swelling of testis, back pain, dyspnoea.

Bone cancer
Pain and swelling of bones.

Blood cancer
Bleeding manifestations including bleeding gums, bleeding from nose, blood in vomitus, blood in sputum, blood stained urine, black coloured stools, fever, lump in neck, axilla, or groin, lump in upper abdomen.

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