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General Surgery & Laproscopy

At Horizon Prime we have state of the art “Operation Theaters” which caters to different general surgeries such as “Gallbladder Laproscopy” , “Appendectomy”, “Hernia surgery”, along with other complex surgeries including Stomach , The Large Intestine , various procedures such as “Colectomy” which includes the removal of colan as well as “Intestinal Anastomosis” which includes joining different loops of intestine and even complex “Bariatric” surgery are carried out in the Gastrointestinal department and the General surgical departments in the Horizon hospital.

We provide wide range of general surgical procedures through our expert panel of surgeons. Laproscopic procedures can be done which are minimally invasive to the patient. Basic as well as advanced surgeries can be performed.

Our operating theatres are compatible with the international standards for infection control.

Trauma services are available for 24 hours along with General Surgeons and Critical Care Specialist.


We, at Horizon, facilitate medical care and treatment procedures for:

Appendicitis (Appendix Removal)
Hydrocele Surgery
Gallbladder Removal Surgery
Intestinal Obstruction

Our Surgeons

Laparoscopic Surgeon, Surgical Gastroenterologist and Abdominal wall Reconstruction Expert
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