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Covid19 Vaccine – Our shot of Hope!

India started a Coronavirus vaccination drive program on January 16, 2021. Much medical staff remembered horror moments from the pandemic as they queued for India’s COVID vaccine campaign. But now it’s all coming to a head. However, several people have raised questions about the vaccine campaign’s efficacy since it started.
If you’re one of the people who are reluctant– or if you’re curious about why vaccinations are recognized as one of humanity’s biggest accomplishments – here are five reasons why you should accept it.

1. Vaccines save lives
Vaccination, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), avoids 2 million to 3 million deaths per year. Thanks to the creation and introduction of safe and reliable vaccines, smallpox, which took millions of lives, has been effectively eradicated. COVID-19 can be lethal for some people today. Getting vaccinated if you’re at high risk for the disease could save your life.

2. To protect your health
Vaccines can shield us from a number of infections that can be life-threatening. COVID-19 has the ability to have long-term health implications. Vaccines will shield you from these as well.

3. To protect and support health services
Being vaccinated as an infant reduces the chances of developing infectious diseases later in life. This relieves tension on health-care personnel, allowing them to concentrate their energies, money, and supplies on treating people with non-preventable diseases. Having vaccinated against COVID-19 can benefit in the same way – by reducing case levels and avoiding outbreaks. Being vaccinated against COVID-19 would do the same thing, freeing up money by reducing case numbers and avoiding further care backlogs.

4. To protect the vulnerable
Vaccination will protect your health as well as the health of those around you who may be at risk. Since there are too few people to kill, infectious diseases like COVID-19 will be easily prevented from spreading if enough people are vaccinated. Herd immunity is the name for this phenomenon. Herd immunity ensures that even those who are unable to obtain the vaccine (for example, children) are safe. Herd immunity is the name for this phenomenon. When herd immunity is reached, even those who are unable to obtain the vaccine (due to pre-existing conditions, for example) are safe.

5. Because they’re rigorously tested
Vaccines are studied in tens of thousands of patients in lengthy, large clinical trials, and their results are tracked well after they are licensed. Vaccines are much better and have fewer side effects than other current drugs because of the careful manner in which they are produced. COVID-19 vaccines are being studied in the same manner as other diseases’ vaccines are.


You are not only defending yourself and your loved ones from contagious diseases by taking science and medical guidelines, but you are also setting a precedent that aids in the fight against disinformation.
At Horizon Prime, all our doctors are vaccinated and are playing their part in making #IndiaCovidFree! We are extremely proud of the medical community and feel optimistic about the future as we continue fighting against covid19 and this awful pandemic! Stay safe and get yourself vaccinated when the time comes! It is an incredible start towards the end of COVID19!